Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's in a name? Chilliwack BC Real Estate

There is a lot in a name and in the case of “Chilliwack BC Real Estate” you might surmise that this blog will be about the decisions that people need to be made when considering a purchase or sale of real estate in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, North America, and Earth. You would be mainly right.

However, this blog will not be solely confined to Chilliwack it will also include most of a surrounding area called the “Upper Fraser Valley” which begins about 125 km east of Vancouver BC and encompasses an area about twice the size of P.E.I. (one of 10 Canadian provinces). Communities within the Upper Fraser Valley include: Chilliwack, Sardis, Vedder Crossing, Yarrow, Cultus Lake, Promontory, Rosedale, Popkum, Bridal Falls, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, Silver Creek and Hope. These place names come in part from First Nation sources, the Bible, last names of early European settlers, plants and prominent features which will be discussed in time.

It is hoped that a better appreciation of the natural beauty of this region, an understanding of its inhabitants and a more specific discussion on real estate will bring you back to explore with me this incredible area.