Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 Cheap Things for Chilliwack Kids to do this Summer

Well it has only been 3 weeks since the kids left school for summer holidays but I am betting that for some it seems like a lottt longer. Here are some inexpensive Chilliwack area ideas to help keep them occupied:

1. Libraries: Okay not quite as exciting as a roller coaster ride but perhaps more rewarding. Turn those kids into readers! Let's face it they will have to occupy themselves for the most part so go get them a library card and some books of their choice. The Fraser Valley Regional Library system is running a Summer Reading Program both for kids and adults. You should know that kids that read during the summer months do much better in school than if they do not keep at their reading. So, if you want your child to get ahead in school and life, a weekly visit to your local library is a must. Online resources can be found at http://www.kidssrc.ca

2. Chilliwack Posted Events: there are a total of 68 local events posted for the month of July at this address !!! Something for all ages but especially the kids. Check it out at http://www.gov.chilliwack.bc.ca/main/page.cfm?id=9&Find=7&FindYear=2009

3. Swimming: this location is blessed with two fine lakes Cultus and Harrison. Cultus is the warmer of the two and has large public beaches. On the hot days of summer there is perhaps nothing finer than packing a supper and taking the kids to the beach. Be aware there are no lifeguards so be water safe.

4. Hiking: There are a number of good hiking trails in and around Chilliwack some are 40 minute treks and others are of the half day variety. Climb one of the many mountains ringing the Valley or walk around the circumference of a lake it is fun and will grow an appreciation for the natural beauty of this area. Remember to wear sensible shoes, take water for drinking and not to litter. Let's keep BC beautiful. There are a number of good hiking clubs in the area one good site online which describes trail difficulty and location is www.chilliwacklife.com

5. Work: Growing up I was always fearful of telling my parents that I was bored because as soon as I did I would find myself with some sort of household job a lot less fun than doing nothing. Whether that was painting the fence or working in the garden it did reinforce the idea of family responsibility and usually the results were pretty satisfying. Think about having your kids do a few jobs around the property you might be amazed at how infrequent you hear the "I am bored" refrain.

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