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Chilliwack Day Trip to Vancouver's South Side Tourist Sights

If you are going to live in the Chilliwack area get use to the fact that relatives and friends are going to descend upon you for visits. Why wouldn't they come? Rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, golf courses, shopping and a convenient airport are just 30 minutes away in Abbotsford. They are going to come and visit frequently. My advice makes the most of it by planning a few day trips in advance. Now I have previously mentioned some local area spots but for a big city experience Vancouver is only 2 hours away and it is a fabulous city!

This is the day trip to Vancouver's South Side tourist attractions I recently shared with my nephew Jesse and his girlfriend Monica. My goal was to cram quite a bit into the day as their vacation was a short one and Vancouver has a lot to offer. I also wanted to get them out to places they would not likely see without the use of a car. We headed down Highway No.1 around 10 a.m. (they are on holiday) and turned off on First Ave. in Vancouver and drove straight to Telus World of Science for a quick picture break of this wonderful landmark building and the False Creek inlet. If Jesse and Monica had been kids we would have spent 2 or 3 hours in the interactive science centre and Omnimax.

Just around the corner on 4th Ave. to the Granville Island Market was our next stop. A quick lunch and then an Aquabus tour of the inlet at the reasonable price of $7 round trip per adult. Scouring the Granville Island market can take hours but we kept our visit to a short 2 hours inlet tour included.

I have always have always been a sucker for space and planetariums and B.C.'s only space centre the H.R. MacMillian Space Centre is a beauty. It is also a great place to rest the feet while the cosmos swirls above you. In fact, I have known a few relatives to nod off in the comfort of the theatre. This day, however, we were there only for a quick picture of its magnificent Crab sculpture and the building itself. A passion of mine is architecture especially when it offers west coast sensitivity. Here the space centre roof is styled after the tightly woven First Nation cedar hats.

Our journey continued westward to the Kitsilano Beach rated as one of the sexiest beaches in North America by Forbes Travel it is also a terrific site to take pictures of the Vancouver downtown peninsula.

Our final destination was the Museum of Anthropology at UBC and in my estimation a "must see" attraction when in Vancouver. I would rate it number 2 right after Stanley Park and the Aquarium. The building designed by the renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erikson to reflect the post and beam long house construction of the coastal First Nation people. If you count you will see 6 major roof beams in the structure the same number in the neighbouring long houses.

The simple mantle shape of the MOA suggests the welcoming sign in the centre of the long house picture. Originally, the rocky beach in front of the museum and the long houses was to be a water feature reflecting the buildings and in a traditional beach positioning. Unfortunately, the sand embankment upon which the buildings are placed was deemed not to be safe enough for the additional weight. Too bad, it would have been quite the sight!

There are a number of notable cravings within the museum but none more significant than Bill Reid's masterpiece "The Raven and the First Men".

Towering totem poles from the Haida, Gitxsan, Nisga'a, Oweekeno and other First Nations are housed in the Great Hall. Here are a few pictures I took.

Returning back to Chilliwack at about 8 p.m. after a full but well paced day both Jesse and Monica were happy with their Vancouver south side adventure.

Community, amenities and culture are three components that should be considered when making a real estate purchase, unfortunately, they are often overlooked in favour of price. One goal of this blog is to illuminate the lifestyle of the British Columbian eastern Fraser Valley communities of Chilliwack, Agassiz/Kent, Harrison Hot Springs and Hope so that better decisions can be made.

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