Thursday, October 29, 2009

Agassiz’s Agricultural Area Plan

Resting Cattle

To Clap Hands or Hold Your Nose – That is the Question

The District of Kent is in the process to creating a document that may affect your title if you live in Town of Agassiz or have a Rural zoning and certainly it will confer financial benefits to the farming community; some needed and others that should be questioned. My suggestion is that you read the document and make up your own mind. There is a 2 week period in which the District is looking for further input and so time is short – do it today if you can. If you have any thoughts or concerns either send them to the Mayor or to Donald Cameron .

The Agricultural Area Plan (AAP) is an important document that either will become a sub-plan, or get appended to, the next official community plan OCP (2010) and serves as a guide for development within the District of Kent. What can it affect? If a rezoning for a piece of land in the AAP area is being sought by an owner, the District will look to see how this conforms to the AAP and may discard the submission if it does not meet the requirements. It can also take away zoning, provide for the densification in some semi-rural settings, it can look to consolidate smaller parcels into larger ones. It asks that a covenant be placed on all residences in the Town of Agassiz conpelling residents to recognize farm odours as a normal way of life. What impact will such a covenant have on the marketability of our Agassiz properties? Would buyers think such a “red flag” convenant an unusual warning inhibiting sales and reducing prices?

Don't get me wrong, this type of planning is a needed and good thing it is just that the consequences of a plan like this have a habit of catching up to the residents only after it has been approved by Council. Now is the time to have a look at it and decide for yourself whether you like it or not.

Now for a bit of a game, try to find the "Agricultural Area Plan" on the District of Kent website. Go to and attempt to find the document in three clicks.
Tired of the “Website Frustration” game it is here Agricultural Area Plan.

Have a look, it is time to let your opinion be known whether it be clapping your hands or holding your nose.

Stephen Mullock is a Chilliwack real estate associate broker with 29 years of experience. He can be reached at Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam Realty, telephone 604-792-0077.

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