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Adult Living in Agassiz

This post answers the question is Agassiz of the District of Kent, British Columbia a good retirement relocation option (?) with a detailed look at the Cypress Park, Maplewood, Elmwood and Woodridge Adult communities within the area.

A bit of background first, the District of Kent has an estimated 2009 population of 5,515 people the majority living within the town site of Agassiz.

With respect to the Agassiz location, it is situated within the Fraser Valley on the north side of the Fraser River about 130 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, 20 kilometres northeast of Chilliwack and 40 kilometres southwest of Hope. This means that day trips to major shopping and other amenities within the Valley and Vancouver are readily accessible. As Agassiz is a small town some driving to services should be anticipated but there is a medical clinic, dentist, credit union, grocery, hardware and drug store etc. available.

To the north the area is bounded by the beautiful Harrison Lake and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. A 7 minute car trip to the Village provides Agassiz residents with world class vacation dining and dancing or in contrast a place to stroll along the lake into pristine wilderness. It is a real bonus to have such facilities so close at hand.

Kent is partly comprised of rich arable farmland and a number of hills and mountains. Extensive dyking is in place to protect the area the dykes were propelled into construction after a major flood some 60 years ago.

Often overlooked is the Agassiz town site positioning, situated in the middle of farmland it receives good sunlight (except on rainy days) throughout the year, this is in stark contrast to many communities abutting the base of a mountain slopes. It also has the best view in the Valley of the towering, majestic Mount Cheam. It never hurts to have something good to look at.

The other positive feature of Valley floor is that it is relatively level providing easy walking or biking and as the town is fairly compact that means that you can truly walk uptown for a cup of coffee with a friend.

The prices within Agassiz are some of the best within the Fraser Valley meaning that many residents have been able in their retirement to sell their, say Langley home, buy a new or near new retirement house in Agassiz and pocket a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the process.

The average sales price of a single family detached house in Agassiz during the past 6 months was $314,000 as compared to the Langley average sale price of $525,000 for the same period.

Of course, the vast majority of purchases made of these adult retirement homes go to local residents as they like living here.

With respect, to specific age restricted developments, there are 4 adult communities to satisfy nearly ever need. However, there are no adult developments within Agassiz that have a Club house or gated entry.  The lack of these amenities helps keep monthly fees at a very reasonable $65-$75 (grass cutting included). A community senior centre is located off of Morrow Road.

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Cypress Park, 7354 Morrow Road, Agassiz

The Cypress Park complex comprised of 21 freehold bareland strata single family detached houses that range in size from 2 to 3 bedrooms and a square footage of 1330 to 1450 square feet. One of my favourite communities it does have some RV parking but it is limited a current times. No rentals are allowed, pet restrictions apply and a 55+ age requirement is in place. I do have a current listing in this park at this date it is listed for sale at $264,900.

Maplewood Place, 7292 Elm Road, Agassiz

Maplewood Place, Agassiz consists of 72 freehold bareland strata single family detached 2 bedroom houses with a size of 1510 to 1540 square feet on the main floor and having a double garage. There is RV parking. An age requirement of 45+ is in place and there are some restricts concerning pets. At the time of writing there is one property available through my office for $289,500.

Elmwood Place, 7330 Elm Road Agassiz

Elmwood Place, Agassiz is a sister development in many regards to Maplewood Place. There are 58 freehold bareland strata single family detached 2 bedroom houses with sizes that range from 1450 to 1540 square feet on the main floor. There is one exception however that lays outside this range a dwelling with a size of 1152 square feet. Like Maplewood Place all houses are built above a 5’ crawlspace. A 55+ age restriction is in place.

Woodridge Place, 7291 Morrow Road Agassiz

Woodridge Place, Agassiz is the most recent adult retirement development within the community built in 2005 - 2006. It consists of 30 freehold bareland strata single family detached 2 bedroom dwelling built above crawl spaces with some having bonus rooms above. Their size ranges from 1330 to 2010 square feet. Here the age restriction drops to 19+ years.


Agassiz offers good value comfortable adult community rancher style living in a “walkable” and friendly community. Priced to attract retiring people or those looking to realize some equity from their existing property it is one of the best Valley options.

All property needs to be explained if I can help you in your search for real estate property in this area please contact me for my local expertise.

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