Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chilliwack's Airport Coffee Shop

Chilliwack’s "unique signature" comes in part from the many fine businesses that take a chance, set up shop, employ people, create an identity and otherwise call it home - this post is about of one of them.

The Airport Coffee Shop is located at 46244 Airport Road at the local municipal airport. Often after showing real estate property listings in Chilliwack I take my clients to this restaurant, with its checkerboard green and white tiled floor, its simple tables and chairs, for a chance to talk about the day and enjoy that Canadian treat of treats - pie.

What a selection! Anywhere from 11 to 30 different fruit pies are baked each morning.  All without preservatives! Then there are the 6 types of cheesecakes, and that kid favourite "Mud" pie (okay, I'll admit it, I don't mind a slice either). They also make their own soup, baking powder biscuits, stews, salad dressings, coleslaw, muffins .....

10 Reasons to Visit the Airport Coffee Shop

1.    Nostalgia - it reminds me of all the Mom and Pop restaurants that use to dot the Canadian landscape in the days before the big franchises took over; when home cooking was still practiced and the norm.  In this regard it also brings back fond memories of meals my mother made - so here I am talking about Comfort Food!
2.    How many restaurants have an interesting view - this one has planes, helicopters all taking off and landing against the beautiful backdrop of the Mount Cheam ridge.

3.    You are guaranteed a friendly greeting, in fact, you might get more than one, make that likely, but, the end result is that you will leave feeling better about life than when you went in.
4.    The "I Fly for Pie" is a great slogan which refers to a rite of passage that many flight instructors have when it is time for their students to fly "solo".  The rite involves bringing the flight instructor back proof of a successful flight - a slice of Chilliwack's best.

5.    They refill your coffee cup for free.
6.    They open early at 7 am and have a $5.40 breakfast special featuring their own hash browns!
7.    On your birthday you get a free piece of fruit pie!  How many restaurants show such customer appreciation?  Not many.
8.    Unlike some restaurants that seem to have a revolving door on waitresses here you find a stable staff that you can get to know and one that will recognize you after a time.
9.    They have an outdoor deck which is open when the weather suits.
10.   Okay this is a little twisted but it is kind of fun to ask them when ordering food "what type of pies do you have"?

The Airport Coffee Shop is open from 7 am to 7 pm - 7 days a week - give yourself a treat.

The restaurant has been in business for 30 years and currently is owned and run by three sisters of the Good family, Judi, Jacqueline and Tracey.  Thanks for showing me around - best of luck!

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