Friday, May 28, 2010

Rosedale BC Place Name Origin

A reader asked me to look into the origin of the place name Rosedale.  Rosedale BC is small community located north of the CN railway along Yale Road some 14 kilometers east of Chilliwack.  This is some research I received from Shannon Anderson at the Chilliwack Museum and Archives.  There are two possible explanations for the origin of the name Rosedale, she writes:

1.  David Greyell chose Rosedale since he came from a community with a similar name in Ontario.  Greyell,    an early landowner, was the person who first laid out the village into lots.

I prefer the second explanation:

2.  The more popular story centres around Mrs. Eliza Nevin.  Mrs. Nevin was well-known for her love of flowers and the environment.  At the turn of the century and before, wild roses grew in abundance along every roadside and creekbank and in pasture fields.  The story credits Mrs. Nevin for naming the Village after this beautiful fragrant shrub. 

I decided that I needed to go out and see if I could find these rose bushes and happily I can say that they are easily located this time of year and have a wonderful aroma.

Wild roses like these may be the origin of the Rosedale place name.
Wild roses blooming in the eastern Fraser Valley

What’s known for certain is that by 1894 the name Rosedale became official with the opening of the Rosedale post office.

The above is taken from the book: “In the Shadow of Mt. Cheam: A History of Rosedale, Popkum and Camp River”.

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  1. Keep that camera close by, Steve! I look forward to and enjoy the photos you post, the poetic explanations you attach, and learning some history of the area. The Chilliwack area was a great place in which to grow up -- lots to do close to home -- surrounded by beauty.

  2. As Eliza Nevin was my great great grandmother - I too prefer the second story. According to the family stories she signed a request to name the area Rosedale to submit to the government of the time.

    1. Thanks for the insight about your great great grandmother and the naming of Rosedale.