Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picture and Place: February Flight

February Flight © Stephen Mullock
Yesterday was one of those days....  My Chilliwack real estate work found me cruising prospective 2 storey houses in Sardis to show this weekend.  A quick outside view of a property is still better than all the maps and pictures the Internet can throw on a website. I am happy to do this to find the best "fit" for my clients, I can discuss with them what I have found and this saves us from wasting time. This time my trip was unsuccessful but it did give me time to visit friend in hospice care and provide her a copy of my daughter's book Go Away, Unicorn.  I could not help but wonder about the metaphor of finding elusive unicorns and faith.  Check out Emily's blog if you like (click here).

A quick coffee with a buddy of mine and a heated discussion about social media, like this blog (is it was waste of time), completed my spiral into a deep funk.

I was almost home when I noticed some ducks and decided to grab the camera.  Apparently I am lousy at sneaking up on water fowl and they quickly took flight.  The heart shaped tree and the waning light however were enough to lift my mood and restore my appreciation for this place, this time, in which we live.  Imagine.

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  1. It's good to discuss how we move forward, but never good to get in a deep funk. One only needs to step out the door, take a deep breath and be amazed at our surroundings.

    Remember what Ansel said, it's always the light.....