Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buying Chilliwack Farmland, Acreage and Smallholdings

I had an inquiry this past week from a couple looking to purchase some farmland in my Chilliwack- Agassiz part of the Fraser Valley.   It got me to thinking, what does a Buyer need to know about buying farmland?  How can I help these people best organize their thoughts about this important farm real estate acquisition?  I soon realized that there were a lot of considerations that needed to be made.  This first part of a series on making a smart agricultural move looks at the Chilliwack, District of Kent/Agassiz farm culture and community environment.  This is BIG picture stuff which might help you answer the question is this the right community for my farm family.

Haying Time © Stephen Mullock

You need to ask what the underlying philosophy about agriculture in the area is.  All too frequently, I read in provincial newspapers that the Agricultural Land Reserve in the Fraser Valley should be eliminated to free up land on which to provide cheaper housing.  This is not a widely held view but does put into perceptive some of pressures the Fraser Valley Chilliwack Agassiz farmland real estate faces.  Both the City of Chilliwack and the District of Kent/Agassiz have working documents very supportive of farms in the area.  These make for interesting reading and can be found at:

In recent years, there has been an effort to bring the public out to the farm in a program known as the Circle Farm Tour and introduce them to the products and artisans of this area.  Guides are available online and the tours are great way to get introduced to the rich farm life of the Fraser Valley & Chilliwack Agassiz area.

Organizations such as 4-H provide an important role for farm families both in advancing husbandry and friendship.  Being a 4-H member is fun, I can speak from my own personal experiences,and there are a number of terrific clubs in the Fraser Valley Chilliwack - Agassiz area to choose from.  Good for children and youth 6 to 21 years of age.

The Chilliwack-Agassiz is dotted with small neighbourhoods: Rosedale, Yarrow, Greendale, Sardis, Fairfield Island and Harrison Mills to mention a few all with friendly people, unique community values and amenities.  You need to choose the place that best suits your family's needs.  I wish you the best of luck.

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