Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Todd Richard - Country Star in the Making

©Stephen Mullock
Country Stars aren't born, they, like the rural landscapes they so often come from, are the result of inspiration, a lot of work and the guts to hang in there.  I met one, Todd Richard, T/R, last month at the Oasis Coffee Shop in Agassiz, B.C. before his trip to Nashville to record his first country music album.

I didn't recognize Todd Richard at first with a long goatee he looked more like an early pioneer than the local handyman that once replaced my hot water tank.  Time had changed his appearance, a little older, some gray in that beard, but Todd was still fit, steady, interesting and kind.

Over a cup of coffee we talked about his inspirations for his songs, the upcoming Nashville recording sessions, the promotion tour that would follow and somewhere along the line we convinced the Coffee Shop to slip Todd's 'demo" CD into the stereo.  It blew me away.

Classic Rock is what I regularly listen to, but, Todd Richard's music has the big "it" that "cross-over" sound that made people like Keith Urban and Shania Twain such stars.  There is some rock in there, the music is bright, energetic, the lyrics insightful.

It's quite a journey from Harrison Hot Springs B.C. to Nashville, Tennessee even with a guitar and grin and head full of songs.  This is the launch of an exciting career and these videos of the process and these early song versions take you right into the studio with Todd.

So have a look and more importantly have a listen.  Someday you'll be able to say "I can remember when".

Nashville Sessions #2 YouTube Video

Nashville Sessions #3 Hero to Zero

Spread the word about Todd Richard he's worth it.

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