Monday, April 18, 2011

Sky Magic - Sun Dogs, Rainbows and Fog bows

The sky is a constantly changing feature of the eastern Fraser Valley from bright blue skies to threatening wind and rain storms. The Chilliwack Fraser Cheam sky is a lively place and many times a lovely one as well, as previously shown in the former picture of the week Aerial Ballet. All you have to do is look up to see the magic, here are some recent apparitions.

Sun Dogs © Stephen Mullock
Sun Dogs, Mock Suns, Parhelia
Driving home earlier this month I noticed two bright spots horizontal to the sun and stopped the car to take this picture.  I used a camera feature that allows me to take shots of sunsets and the result is as shown to the side.  Information on Sun Dogs.

Rainbow Agassiz ©Stephen Mullock
There was once a marketing push to refer to the Fraser Cheam area as "rainbow country" given their frequency here.  Rumours say that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold; apparently everywhere in the Chilliwack Fraser Cheam area.

Fogbow Morning ©Stephen Mullock
I took a walk on a foggy morning in early March and was surprised to see this "fogbow" suspended above the road.  No pots of gold at the end though just a fog Bank. Information about fog bows.

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