Friday, May 27, 2011

Chilliwack River Valley - Real Estate

Chilliwack River©Stephen Mullock
The Chilliwack River Valley is a special place of roaring rivers, towering mountains, emerald forests and tranquil beauty.  Buying real estate and living in Chilliwack comes with many advantages perhaps the biggest one is our proximity to wilderness.  Whether you want to hike, fish, kayak, dirt-bike, or, simply sit by the river and watch the river flow, the Chilliwack River Valley is a world class outdoor playground.

The photograph above was taken a week ago and shows the Chilliwack River during its May runoff an old bridge abutment standing like a monolith.

The Chilliwack River Valley is sparsely populated and lies within the Fraser Valley Regional District. Finding real estate in the area is not really easily accommodated and the resources of a Realtor© is recommended.  I would like to stress that the Valley does have a number of "sensitive" areas that can potentially impact the use and enjoyment of property make sure that you seek a local real estate agent knowledgeable about the Chilliwack River Valley. 

Prices for real estate at the time of writing ranged from $49,000 for a mobile on a leased pad to $800,000 for a custom home.  On this date here were the 34 residential properties available as of this date, arranged by price, on 12 pages (click here). Of course through time new properties come available and prices change so look at this information with some discretion.

Here are additional photographs taken that day, I hope that you enjoy them.

Stephen Mullock RI is an award winning full-time real estate agent with 30 years of experience and hundreds of sales. Thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Fraser Cheam communities of Chilliwack, Agassiz or Harrison Hot Springs? Contact Steve (click here) for experience, local knowledge and friendly service you’ll be happy you did.

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