Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nature Anew - Air, Earth, Water

On my way to Mission B.C. yesterday to pick up my daughter from the West Coast Express I had a chance to enjoy a spring day and reflect on the cycle of life that is beginning once again. 

The Tree swallows are an active lot but I was lucky enough to find a nest in an old tree where one perched long enough for me to take this photograph.

The forest floor is slowly coming to life as these Licorice ferns struggle show from their mossy bed.

The lilies were wonderfully skirted and glowing in a late afternoon light. Can anyone tell me if these are the False Lily-Of-The-Valley?

I enjoyed the ripples on the water but if you look into the water you can also see the fish that were hugging the shoreline on their journey.

Imagine living here...

All photographs copyright and all rights reserved © 2011 Stephen Mullock

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