Monday, July 11, 2011

Harrison Hot Springs Festival of the Arts 2011: A Cultural Mash-Up

These are the days, when music, art, craft, sun and beach blend and merge into the Harrison Festival of the Arts.  My friends what fine days they are, with a mash-up of international sounds and people, a celebration of music, theatre, dance and visual arts on every day until July 17th, 2011.

What does a cultural event, like this festival, have to do with real estate you might ask?  Other than the fact that I have a wonderful house and workshop at 241 Balsam Ave. for sale at $459,900 and a tidy, furnished one bedroom apartment for $274,900 at 328 Esplanade Ave? [Shameless and unapologetic plug].  In the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, isn't it just more entertainment in a world whirling with voices clamouring to be heard?  Hey, you can stay at home and watch "America's Got Talent" or rent a DVD and never leave the cocoon of your home or, grab a lawn chair, step out and saunter down to the beach.  Your life will be the richer for the experience, I know mine has been impacted and I believe that our local communities are better for it.

Los Morenos
I was brought up Chilliwack, BC then a small town of 20,000 located within the Fraser Cheam area of the eastern Fraser Valley. "Canada" in the early years of my life was divided between Canadian English, the local Canadian First Nation people and a distant Canadian French.  Here on the west coast, "French" was more an acknowledgment, but still an important one, to a larger Canadian commitment.  My "French" was taught by a chain smoking teacher who would plug us into headphones and a taped program of instruction and then, he would slip out to his real interest - the dark room. Canada has changed; the "World" has come to realize that this country isn't all igloos and polar bears. With these new peoples, carried to Canada, in their spirits and minds, has come the art, music, theatre and ideas of a planet.  Some of the best are being presented right here at the Harrison Festival of the Arts. Imagine living in a community supportive of such an embraceable philosophy of inclusion and evolution - that's where you should live.  They say the "World needs more Canada" for the next few days it is alive and well at the Harrison Festival of the Arts.

Here are some pictures I snapped off this weekend, I hope you enjoy them.

Art and Craft Merchants (spent some $s here, reasonable prices)

Celtic Music Trad Band
Joel Fafard

Madagascar Slim
Locarno (one of the best sets of the show)

Just underway and running every day until July 17, 2011 the Harrison Festival of the Arts, bring your friends and if you see me there say hello or "bonjour".

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  1. Hello Steve,
    I was looking for an online photo of a willow tree when I found one that directed me to your blog :) Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your festival post. I bought a couple of items at the top booth and my daughter is in your bottom photo, in a white blouse.
    (Loved the bit about the French teacher...not much has changed)
    Cheers and thanks for subscribing to my blog, too,