Monday, September 26, 2011

The discovery of Hot Springs at Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Lake BC near Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs was once a marsh full of cranberry bushes and, apparently, never was a habitation site by the First Nation people of the area.  Given today's upscale Village, modern residential subdivisions and lake view apartments that enjoy a location next to both a hot springs and the largest lake in the Lower Mainland it almost seems hard to imagine. The First Nation peoples would have known and believed in the curative effects coming from these strange steaming waters of Harrison Lake. Legend says that white people discovered the hot springs by accident.  Gold prospectors exhausted after a winter of mining fell from their canoe into the lake waters and to certain doom only to discover that they were warm!

There are two hot springs at the south end of Harrison Lake the "Potash" with a temperature of 40° C and the "Sulfur" with a temperature of 65° C.   People from around the world travel here for the curative properties of these mineral rich hot springs.  Of course these waters are cooled to maximize comfort so to ease the aches and stress of bathers.

Over the years I have also heard of a number of natural hot springs up the side of the lake but have never had a chance to see them.

Today, you are welcome to visit the public pool or if staying at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel enjoy either the two indoor or 3 outdoor pools.  Locals, often take a wander up the west side of the lake to one of the hot springs sources.  I like to think that those gold miners must have splashed into the water close by; I can only imagine the smiles on those weary fortune hunters. That must have been a very good day.

Imagine living here....

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