Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elk Mountain - Hike 5

One of the big advantages of the Chilliwack* area comes from its proximity to rivers, lakes, forest and mountains.  Life in this area is richer with nature right on the doorstep and the Chilliwack* has great diversity. My hiking trips are included to give you some sense of the special place we live in.

The west coast rain forest grows dense and deep, sunlight must really stretch to reach the ground, as a result the underbrush is kept low to the earth.  My long time friend, Ian Meissner, has joined me today for the hike up Elk Mountain and for the next two hours I pant and push my body upward the elevation gain being 800 meters (2625 feet). Ian, who has become very fit in recent years, has little difficulty but the trail is moderately difficult and a good level of fitness is required along with hiking shoes and plenty of water.  This is a popular trail that is quite wide and in good condition.

Mount Baker
I had hoped to catch a good view of Mount Baker from the trail and once we hit the meadow I am not disappointed.  This dormant volcano lies in Washington State and unfortunately cannot be seen from Chilliwack as a range of mountains are in between.  Still, I often think of Mount Baker as the Volcano in my backyard. Back in December 1880, it is reported that night "the sky was so bright you could read a newspaper by it" and that the daytime sky was filled with bright red clouds of acid smoke.*  Mount Baker seems peaceful on this blue sky day.

The difficult hike up to the meadows has been well worth the effort and we are greeted with a wide variety of views some near and others far.  Looking northward across the Fraser Valley we can see Agassiz, Harrison Lake, to the west is Chilliwack, Sardis, Cultus Lake and the Chilliwack River Valley. Please click on the next image to make it larger.

Chilliwack and Cultus Lake © Stephen Mullock

Ian Meissner, On Top of the World
Thistle and Sleeping Bee
Sleese Mtn. and Border Peaks
Indian Paintbrush
Chilliwack from Elk Mountain

A flag flies brightly above the Valley marking this as a special place - Elk Mountain.

Imagine living here....

Source Notes:
* Five Corners The Story of Chilliwack by Bruce Ramsey

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