Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mount Cheam's Peak View

As mentioned in a previous post living in the Chilliwack* area comes with the added bonus of incredible natural beauty right at hand.  There is always something interesting to see or visit.  A week ago, I took a hike to the top of Mount Cheam, the most revered mountain in the eastern Fraser Valley but unfortunately my camera ran out of battery power.  I was able to take some shots from the top with the camera of a generous fellow hiker.  It was a remarkably clear day and some hikers said that they could see the ocean.

This is the view from the top of Mount Cheam at 2,112 m (6,929 feet) looking westward over Agassiz and Chilliwack. You can see Harrison Lake to the right, the muddy Fraser River the town of Agassiz through the centre and Chilliwack and the Cheam ridge to the left.  Please click on the picture to make it larger.

Mount Cheam View © Stephen Mullock
Mount Cheam I have recently learned from a reading of "Sepass Tales Songs of Y AIL MIHTH" means high. The notes in this book tells how the English ear has turned Mount Tsee-am (meaning high) to Mount Cheam  (pronounced Chee - am).  Many times locally I hear it pronounced She - am.

Of course, hundreds of pictures were taken on this hike - that is the beauty of a digital camera isn't it. That is, so long as it has power.

Here are a selection of some other photographs taken by myself and others, I hope you enjoy them.

Hermann Hikers on the Mount Cheam peak ©
Stag © Helle Hansen  
Mount Baker from Mount Cheam © Stephen Mullock
Stephen Mullock & Lady Peak © Helle Hansen

Imagine living here...

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