Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Geography We Call Home - The Entry Door

There is an old estate axiom and goes like this "when selling your home - paint the front door".
The meaning of this expression is clear, if you want to successfully market your property make sure that the buyer's first impression is a winner.
The front door is the ceremonial entry into your home even though it may be infrequently used. Today, with a car dominated society most of us enter our dwellings through the garage or a side door. However when company comes a calling, entry through the front door structures the interior of your home from public to private; living rooms to the front and more intimate kitchens and family rooms to the rear.  In terms of presentation this order greatly assists the real estate agents showing the house to prospective buyers.

The front door says a lot about what to expect from the property and the owners.  Is it well maintained, glamorous or neglected, sad and needing repair?   The buyer's first opinion of the property forms at curbside, the next, on the doorstep.  By time they pass through the entry, the "purchase or take a pass on this one" decision might already have been made.

Speaking of repairs, the door locks have to work properly and the hinges should not creak unless you have a haunted house to sell. The area in the immediate vicinity of the door should be cleared so that a party of 3 can arrive without having to dodge around bushes or worry about tripping over toys, chairs or ornaments.  If evening is approaching the warm glow of a porch lamp will help create the right mood.

The front entry is so important, after all, when company arrives it is through this door that we share our first welcome and later say our last goodbyes.

Note: The pictures are from the Gail Mullock © Scandinavian collect. Many thanks.

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