Friday, November 23, 2012

House Energy Audit - Getting Started

The energy efficiency of appliances with an ENERGY STAR® rating is something that Canadians have grown use to - but how would your home stack up to an energy audit?  I decided to find out, as it seemed like a logical way to organize the work needed to upgrade our house of 20 years. 
 Turns out that an energy audit for your home can be easily arranged, but time, is quickly disappearing under these incentive programs and all work must be completed by March 31, 2013. I kind of screwed up a little, I was in an impulsive mood and lured by the possibilities of receiving up to $7,000 in government grants by one of the ads I found on the internet and didn't do enough research before making the call.  Still, done is done; I have an appointment in early December and just have to hope that everything will work out fine. 
These are the steps I would suggest you take and I should have taken.
1.  Check out the incentive and rebate programs at the LiveSmart BC site.
2.  Check out other incentive and rebate programs at:
3.  Find an energy auditor in your area.  Arrange an appointment but, make sure that you have enough time to upgrade the house before the program ends on March 31, 2013.
4.  Decide on the work to be completed and hire a contractor.
5.  Make sure that your second audit is done before March 31, 2013 the energy auditor will send in the documents necessary for any incentives or rebates.
Yes, I plan to write a follow-up post if the experience is not too painful.  
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