Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dewdney Peak by Stephen Mullock

View of Mount Baker from Dewdney Mountain

One of the best things about living in the eastern Fraser Valley is the access to the local hiking trails. This past week a small hiking group and me climbed Dewdney Mountain, height 3,051', near the community of the same name.

Dewdney Mountain

Locally, it is also called Hatzic Mountain but the Dewdney name has quite the history attached to it as well. Edgar Dewdney came to British Columbia in 1859 as a surveyor and set to work laying out New Westminster.  Later he was called upon to establish a trail for the many prospectors that were seeking their fortunes in the gold rush.  The importance of this trail was also to establish British control over the colony at a time when annexation of the area by a flood of American miners seemed a distinct possibility.  Heady times and Edgar Dewdney was very much a part of them running for politics and serving as the representative for Kootenay, later being appointed to Sir John A. MacDonald's cabinet and after a number of posts returning to this province as its' Lieutenant Governor.

Our job was a lot easier just to climb it and enjoy the day - as you can see we had beautiful weather. Directions to this trail can be found at this Club Tread site.

There were a number of surprises which included meeting a 90 year man hiking the path and one disappointment; a logging road being cut into the mountain which has obliterated part of the trail. Still there were plenty of plants, streams and views to keep us happy on this day.

At the top is a small cabin erected by the people of Dewdney and a fine view of Mount Baker in nearby Washington State (shown above).

On one wall of the cabin I found written, below a cooking pot, the following:

All pictures © Stephen Mullock

 So true, imagine living here...

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