Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn in the Coastal BC Forest

Autumn comes like a small town parade to the coastal British Columbia forest in an eruption of colour and season end growth that marks its' decline into winter's slumber. Joyous and brief, mushrooms of all sizes and descriptions emerge in colonies or by themselves. Outrageous deciduous fall tree colours, contrast against the more stoic evergreens.Here are some of the pictures, I'd like to share with you, from my walks in the forests near Agassiz and Yale BC this past week.

A Walk in the Woods ©

Still plenty of green in the woods that hangs above our group but it is on the verge on of change.  The air is a little cooler, soon we will want to wear gloves, as we take a walk on Green Mountain, Agassiz BC.

Green Mountain Gold © Stephen Mullock

 That dab of light on the trail above seemed to beckon me.

A Quiet Moment in the Woods © Stephen Mullock
 A more heavily forested area near Yale BC provides the locale for the above shot and the next two pictures.  I was attracted to the light on the Douglas fir tree bark in the foreground and also liked the downward hanging boughs of the tree to the right.  Light was shining through its' moss. The autumn colours beyond reflect on the forest floor adding unity. I was happy to spend some time here.

Colony and Treed Impressionism © Stephen Mullock
 With a Impressionistic background a community of mushrooms looks like so many raised umbrellas.

Red Caps, Green Face © Stephen Mullock
This striking group of vividly coloured, small and delicate mushrooms were found at a tree base. The forest moss in the upper right hand corner reminds me of an old man's eye, nose and mouth - perhaps looking over them.

The Fraser Valley east is a wonderful place to call home.   Imagine living here....

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