Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding Vintage

Like a lot of fathers I have had the good fortune of receiving many wonderful homemade birthday cards, and even though my daughters are grown and now young ladies, this year was not an exception.

My "girls" have always produced amazing cards and I marvel at their creativity.  The cards get proudly displayed on the dining room sideboard, then after a time, they get tucked into a special drawer with my other art treasures.

This year a beautiful pop-up card depicting a Polaroid instant camera was made. The outside of the card had these words "You're Not Old" and inside "You're Vintage". From the picture tray at the bottom of the pop-up, a photograph could be pulled out. Along with "Happy
Birthday" wishes was an image of a much younger me. On the back, "You've developed quite nicely! Lots of love".  Lovely, the pop-up camera stirred something inside of me.

I do remember those Polaroid Cameras and actually used one when I was appraising real estate in the 1980s. Then, these cameras provided the quick turn around in film processing that the appraisal field demanded. The photographs would be glued to the last page of the report for quick reference by the mortgage broker. On chilly days, you would take the picture and hold it against your chest so that the heat might help with the development process.

Each picture was a one of a kind, there was no negative, no digital file from which a copy could be made. They developed right there in front of your eyes like magic...like children.


Imagine living here...

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