Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Making the Best Retirement Home Purchase in a Difficult Time

Downsizing to a property that may be more affordable and easier to maintain are common goals of many baby-boomers. Let's get some money out for travel or how can we help the kids. Difficulties in many areas including a hot Chilliwack real estate market are locating and securing the property before someone else has gobbled it up. The old "wait and see what comes up" methods are ineffective.  Today you have to be on the hunt. Waiting only ensures that you lose the race for the best properties. How can you get ahead of the pack? You need to target your next purchase.

Let's face it - early boomers have always benefited from being a few years older - so join them in making your decision sooner. Relocating a younger age makes sense anyways. You do need a local real estate agent to guide you through this "more complicated that you think" process.

There are a number of steps I recommend as being essential to secure the best retirement options in Chilliwack.   

Stephen Mullock's 6 Step System

1.  Meet in personThis meeting is essential, I want my clients to be completely comfortable with me and I need something from you to work well - your loyalty. A buyer's agent contract can help here as it details each others responsibilities and duties.

2.  Define Broad Elements. Discuss and perhaps visit some of the many adult retirement options in the area. While location is a key element most people do not give enough consideration to the many types of real estate "interests" that exist. Did you know that adult communities can be found on lands described as freehold bareland strata, freehold strata, leasehold prepaid lease - strata and non-strata, leasehold not prepaid - strata and non-strata.  It can get confusing and how you approach a purchase will be different for each type of interest. That is where a Realtor© , like me, can help you wade through the technicalities. My local experience can guide you to the best projects.

3.  Clear Specific Requirements of the desired property - bedroom, size, basement, dining, and other family needs. This can be quite a conversation and I have found that there is a natural refinement that occurs with market knowledge and the viewing of properties.

4.  Financial Check - how are you going to pay for the new property?  Can you bridge a purchase and then sell your home? Do you need to sell a home first?  What is it worth? I can help you establish a price and market it professionally to bring you top dollar. Out of town people home owners can enjoy my assistance in locating an agent through the Royal LePage referral system. Royal LePage operates coast-to-coast and has over 16,000 real estate agents.

5.  Targeted Search while many searches are broad in scope the hunt for a certain type of property might be better served with a very specific set of parameters. For some of my clients that means right down to one particular development or park. I do write and keep in touch with the various adult communities keeping "an ear to the ground" so to speak. 

6.  Build real estate market knowledge - tailored to meet your needs I will send you relevant information by email making you more knowledgable when it is time to write a contract. A position of bargaining power comes with a strong market understanding. 

Making the move to a happy new retirement home starts with one simple message - go to the contact form in the left margin and send me a telephone number and a time best suited to reach you.

Imagine living here....

"From the very beginning, Steve was the consummate professional. He zeroed in very quickly on our needs and was able to show us houses that we were really interested in. This was very important to us since we had a limited amount of time for house hunting and did not want to waste any time." David and Monica

Stephen Mullock
is an award winning full-time real estate specialist with 30 years of experience and hundreds of sales. Thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Fraser Cheam communities of Chilliwack, Agassiz or Harrison Hot Springs? Contact Steve (click here) of Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam Realty for experience, local knowledge and friendly service you’ll be happy you did.

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