We live, love, work and play in our neighbourhoods these are my stories of these special places. Each of the main areas, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs and Popkum/Bridal Falls is divided by a picture. I hope that you enjoy them.

Wells Brooke, 45175 Wells Road Chilliwack (Sardis), An Adult Living Community

"Wells Brooke" is a fine name for this particular Chilliwack (Sardis) development of 80, age restricted, residences located at 45175 Wells Road, Chilliwack, BC. Wells Brooke is located on flat, fertile Fraser Valley land and is situated only a short distance from the major shopping mall area in Chilliwack.

Braeside Estates is a 14 unit gated adult community in the northeast section of the City of Chilliwack located at 9921 Quarry Road. Aptly named the word "Braeside" means hillside in the Scots language and this development is situated on a flat piece of ground at the base of Mount Shannon.

The Stratford 9420 Woodbine Street, Chilliwack Adult Living

 Not all gated communities are large, and today, I thought it would be interesting to profile a small development of only 13 units - The Stratford - located at 9420 Woodbine Street, Chilliwack, BC. 

Willowbrook Estates, Chilliwack, Adult +55 Gated Community

Chilliwack has a number of "adult +55 gated communities" that have been built over the last 25 years.  Perhaps a sentimental choice of mine, as my parents lived here, is  Willowbrook Estates located at 46485 Airport Road, Chilliwack, BC.

It's Bright - Urban Future's predicts Chilliwack's Future Growth to 2040

When it comes to predicting the future, there are certain factors that cannot be ignored. The first of these is demographics.

The Rotary Christmas Parade which was held in downtown Chilliwack this past Saturday. Despite a steady rain drizzle, the streets were lined 5 people deep with the kids at the front. What fun!

Sardis Park is a 5 ha (12.28 acres) park complete with a lovely circular path, some play equipment for the kids and a lot of birds.  I took a "walk about" this past week hoping to capture some fall colours.

The Mercer House - On the Move August 10, 2014

The job of moving a large two storey house to a new site required a massive effort of coordination, money, luck and a loving heart.

Garrison Crossing Makes Living Easy

Location, location, location are the three most important aspects to real estate it is said.  Garrison proves that expression to be right.

Cascade or Coast Mountains? What am I looking at?

Chilliwack lies in a bright sun filled valley but both north and south a spectacular mountain ranges. Where do the Coast and Cascade Mountain ranges begin and end?

The Village Green of Higginson Gardens Chilliwack

The pros and cons of this tidy Sardis townhouse development tucked into a superior location within Higginson Gardens.

Serenity Way, Garrison Crossing Chilliwack BC

One of the first and certainly a favourite this development has the size, location and price to please. The pros and cons are discussed.

Hazelwood Grove, Chilliwack

This +55 adult community is a little older but perhaps a little more care went into its planning. Discover the pros and cons of Hazelwood Grove Chilliwack.

Chilliwack from the Air

 Flying home in February I was lucky enough to have a window seat, a camera, and relatively clear day.  It does strike me from the air how imposing Mount Baker really and the beauty of the Chilliwack, B.C. Fraser Valley area.

Garrison Crossing - Take a Walk

Okay, I sometimes imagine that the local planners will actually read this blog and decide to implement design principles that will enhance the lives and communities we live.  For a good example they really would not have to go far - just to Garrison Crossing on the former CFB Chilliwack lands.  This is one of the most walkable communities in the Fraser Valley and this post examines why.

Paramount Closes

The final curtain dropped on Chilliwack's Paramount Theatre on November 3, 2010 to the sorrow of so many of us that have enjoyed the style it brought to Chilliwack's downtown.

Agassiz's Pioneer Park in November

Downtown Agassiz shares Pioneer Park with the Agassiz-Harrison Museumand the Agassiz Harrison Observer newspaper other than that it is a block long walk in an awesome urban forest.

An Angel Smiles On Agassiz
An angel smiles down upon Agassiz, B.C. or at least that is what many of the local residents believe.

Agassiz Tulip Festival 2014
Bands of vibrantly coloured tulips - few things could be as beautiful.

 Isa and Doug Taylor - The Gift 
Yesterday, I was given a painting from the estate of Isa and Douglas Taylor; two exceptional people that were an important part of the fabric of Agassiz and who will always be sadly missed

Agassiz & Chilliwack from the Air
A clear February afternoon, a WestJet window seat, a camera and flight over Agassiz and Chilliwack - perfect for these aerial views.

Agassiz Fall Fair 2010
Local fall fair like the Agassiz Fall Fair are a lot of fun and important social events for the community. The Agassiz Fall Fair (1901 - ) is a great time with an agricultural theme and a splashy midway.  I found myself enjoying the drama of the lawnmower racing - what fun.

Heritage House - "Hochalaga"
Instead of a civic address properties a hundred years ago were often named this fine old place was called "Hochalaga" and has be lovingly renovated with great success.

Windsurfing - Harrison Lake Style

The speed and aerobatics of the windsurfers out on the lake is a wonderful sight. I took a moment to investigate.

Rockwell Bay, Harrison Hot Springs.
The most exclusive real estate property in the area is at the water's edge of the 77km glacier fed Harrison Lake.  This post written February 27, 2011 explores Harrison Lake off-season in February.

This 93 ha wetland park offers a diversity of life a well maintained trail system and number of viewing platforms; a great place for a walk with the family.

The Fraser Canyon - An Exciting Day Trip
A journey up the Fraser Canyon to Yale, the Alexandra Bridge and Hell's Gate is a great way to see our province, learn some history and otherwise amuse oneself.  There are three locations on this day trip but feel free to explore them individually.  All can be easily covered in a day, and, if you leave early enough from Chilliwack (say 10 am), you can be back home before supper.

Yale, British Columbia Gold & Alchemy

It is difficult today to imagine the pivotal role this town had in shaping British Columbia.  During the gold rush of 1858 this quiet little was once known as "the wickedest little settlement in British Columbia".  This post looks at that history and my camera explores some incredible scenery.

The Needle, Flatiron and an Alpine Lake - Coquilhalla B.C. - Day Hike

Chilliwack and the eastern Fraser Valley communities of Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs and Hope are close to some of the most breath taking scenery in the world - I take a hike.

Eaton Lake - Day Hike

I hiked up to Eaton lake with 4 of my hiking buddies and once again was struck by the beauty of this lake and our province of British Columbia.  I think it very fortunate that this is a day trip for the people of the Fraser Valley.