Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chilliwack's Hottest Day - Ever

July 29, 2009

The July 29th 2009 temperature of 38.2 C is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Chilliwack,BC at least ever since records were started in 1881!!

It was a week of scorching heat unlike anything I can recall.
Chilliwack’s tends to have a very temperate climate with mid July temperatures usually in the mid-twenties, not the high thirties. In general,most, housing has no need for air conditioning but after this past July perhaps the demand for cooled air is about to change. I had a chance to drop into Future Shop in Sardis during the heat wave last week, I was told that they were selling 150 air conditioners a day.

Here are some of the 7 heat records that were smashed last week! New records are in bold. Now the words “maximum minimum” sound like some sort of "double speak", but, what it meant to answer is the question, “how hot was it last night”?

You will notice that many of these records were not simply edged out by another slightly higher temperature they were smashed sometimes by more than 2 degrees Celsius (C).

As mentioned the July 29th 2009 temperature of 38.2 C (100.76 F)is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Chilliwack in 128 years!!

Previous peak temperatures experienced were 37.8 C , July 27th 1958 and 38.0 C July 11th 2007. I am happy to see that these peaks are all in the month of July suggesting a cooler August.

(DAY) Maximum Temperature July 2009
Average Daytime Temperature 25.4 C

30th----36.8 C----Previous Record 35.6 C (1965)
29th----38.2 C----Previous Record 35.6 C (1971)
28th----37.0 C----Previous Record 35.6 C (1958)
27th----34.8 C
26th----30.5 C
25th----31.1 C

(NIGHT) Maximum Minimum Temperature July 2009
Average Night Temperature 11.5 C

30th----21.6 C----Previous Record 17.8 C (1965)
29th----18.4 C----Previous Record 18.3 C (1965)
28th----19.0 C
27th----17.9 C
26th----19.0 C----Previous Record 16.7 C (1965)
25th----17.1 C----Previous Record 16.7 C (1913)

Thankfully, we back to comfortable temperatures that do not require the use of air conditioning but there are still a few weeks of potentially uncomfortable days ahead of us.

Thanks to Weather Observers Roger Pannett and my brother John Mullock for this information.

By the way if you have difficulty converting celsius into fahrenheit I know I do, click away.

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