Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mount McGuire and the Terrible Tamihi

Mount Cheam is legendary, Mount Slesse (Fang) is sinister but the saddest mountain of them all is Mount McGuire former known as Tamihi Mountain.

Vedder River view of Mount McGuire

Towering over the fertile plains of Chilliwack and the eastern Fraser Valley Mount McGuire reaches skyward to a lofty height of 6,620 feet, 2018 meters, (National Topographic Series Map of 1965). Named after an early Chilliwack River Valley pioneer this peak was formerly known as Tamihi Mountain and is still called this by many locals. Oliver N. Wells writes in "The Chilliwacks and their Neighbors" of its' uniquely cheerless function:

In ancient times, according to legend, it was to this mountain that the deformed or misfits in communal life were taken by their guardians.  Here on Tamihi they were left to fend for themselves, and there was little chance of survival. T' ehmeehiy in the Chilliwack language means "the place of the deformed."

The Chilliwack River Valley while abundant with salmon and wildlife is often cold and damp in the fall and winter months and I can not help but imagine the agony of this desertion. 

Growing up in the Sardis community of Chilliwack my mother would often call this mountain the "Sleeping Indian".  

The Sleeping Indian indeed,.... rest in peace.

Mount McGuire and Chilliwack Barn

One of my goals in writing for this blog was to get better acquainted with the mountains that surround the beautiful Chilliwack - Fraser Cheam region like a necklace.

Mount Cheam has been previously written about in three posts, Mount Cheam Local Legend, Cheam and the Great Ice Giant and Mount Cheam the View from the Top.  The Mount Cheam legend in a slightly different version is also available in audio at the "A Journey Into Time Immemorial" site (click here). 

Mount Slesse known as "Fang" was the subject of the picture of the week earlier this year its sinister past well deserved.

There are plenty of good views of Mount McGuire (Tamihi) peak especially along the Chilliwack - Vedder Rivers.

Mount McGuire from Rotary Trail, Vedder River
Mount McGuire and Vedder River

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