Thursday, February 17, 2011

Isa and Doug Taylor - The Gift

Yesterday, I was given a painting from the estate of Isa and Douglas Taylor; two exceptional people that were an important part of the fabric of Agassiz and who will always be sadly missed.

The oil painting shows a very active Slesse creek in the rugged wildness that forms part of the Chilliwack River Valley.  A tall evergreen, located in the mid-ground, stands bravely next to a torrent of water rushing by against a backdrop of our Cascade Mountains.

Sleese Creek ©

Isa and Doug Taylor brought an artistic sensitivity to the small town of Agassiz and when I was called to sell their property of 50 years in 2010 I wasn't surprised to find it full of Isa Taylor paintings.  Nor was I shocked to find a home with artistic sensibilities in a majestic grove of trees.  I tried to capture these with my camera in homage to Isa and Doug. They are still some of my favourite pictures click here to have a look.

Isa painted, for all the right reasons, to please her family and to quell a creative drive somewhere deep inside her.

Like that tree in the painting above Isa and Doug were easy to pick out in a crowd, as, they would have friends swirling around them while they radiated an air of elegance, beauty and calm...evergreens.

I am very grateful to the Isa and Doug Taylor family for this painting and the opportunity I had to represent them as a Realtor©.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. The world needs more people like the Taylors.

  2. Isa Taylor paintings are one of my dearest memories of Agassiz. Thanks for this touching tribute.

  3. There is an Isa Taylor retrospective at the Ranger Station Art Gallery this coming up this month - check our website for updates if you are interested: