Thursday, January 12, 2012

There Once Was A Forest Here

There Once Was a Forest Here © Stephen Mullock

Driving through the Chilliwack eastern farmland is usually a restful and thoughtful time, but, as darkness approaches and shadows lengthen even the familiar can suddenly transform. 

Yesterday, I found this somewhat battered birch growing up through a cedar stump.  Long ago, before the birch tree took up residence, this was a towering evergreen a part of a forest like that on the hillside beyond.  Cedar and Douglas Fir trees once filled the Fraser Valley floor and what a different world that must have been.  Settlers arrived in the 1860s and the transformation of the fertile valley floor from forest to farm began.  Only the odd, old, stump like this one remains to remind us of that former time. 

The shape and the shadow of the tree creates an almost "Tim Burton" like figure, with upraised arms a head in the middle and long a skirt, the light illuminating the shape from behind creates a haunting image even in daylight. 

The Chilliwack Fraser Cheam area is full of spectacular scenery changing with the sun, cloud, shadows and light - a rich pageant of sights enriching the lives of its people.

Imagine living here....

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