Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Urban Trekking in Vancouver

Chilliwack* is a quick 1hour and 30 minutes away from the City of Vancouver now that the new Post Mann Bridge is in operation.  Chilliwack residents regularly frequent this beautiful city for its shopping, sports and scenery.   
Last picture of the day - Lion's Gate Bridge
 This Sunday past, my daughter and I took an urban trek of the place.  I would recommend this hike for anyone looking to enjoy some spectacular scenery on a budget.  All you ready need is a lunch, good walking shoes and a $3.25 each for the AquaBus.  We started at Granville Island and enjoyed a bit of shopping, a cup of coffee and a date square at the Loft - the dessert was delicious.  Catching an AquaBus at the west end of Johnson Street we headed across the water to the Aquatic centre and the Vancouver Seawall.    
AquaBus on False Creek
 The seawall has a total length of 22 km, but, we had plans to just walk right around Stanley Park and the end our day at the Waterfront Station to catch the seabus home - a distance of about 12 km.  Click here for a map of the Vancouver Seawall.  We planned for 3 hours and made it within that time period with lots of stops for photography. 
There are a great number of migratory birds along the walk but this Great Blue Heron below would be a Vancouver resident.

Great Blue Heron
 It was surprisingly foggy and not the best day for pictures but this city looks good even on a bad day.  The following are some of the sights we enjoyed this day. 
Double Crested Cormorant discuss the fog

Lion's Gate Bridge in thick fog
Inner Habour Vancouver

Residents of Chilliwack, Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs can enjoy this fine city and others in the Fraser Valley and then be comfortably home that same day - a great lifestyle benefit to go along with Chilliwack's affordable housing prices.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow and Waterfalls - Chilliwack Lake

Living in the eastern Fraser Valley of British Columbia comes with it a wonderful proximity to the wilderness and the comfort of city life.  What a combo!  This past week I enjoyed a hike into a partly frozen waterfall near Chilliwack Lake with the Hermann's Hikers.  What does this have to do with real estate?  I would suggest everything. Where you decide to live will have a huge impact on your enjoyment in life.  We live in an area of good water, air and beautiful scenery why not enjoy it.

Chilliwack Lake is 64 km southeast of Chilliwack and 40 km east from the Vedder Bridge turnoff.  The Hermann's Hiking group was heading here, on this day, because of the elevation, Chilliwack Lake is 2050 feet above sea level and this time of year that means snow.  I had to rent some snow shoes from a new small business in Vedder Crossing called Mount Waddington's where I found a knowledgeable and helpful staff - recommended.

Soon as we arrive we find that the snow is so hard packed that snow shoes will not be needed, oh well, so much for the rental.  Despite this disappointment I have to admit "it's all good" I am hiking with my friends some new and other old familiar trail buddies.  We are a happy group of hikers.


We head through a logging area the skies are blue and the forest inviting.  Strange lumpy shapes make the snow quite an alien environment and a blue light adds to the flavour.


We soon find a stream and I capture a few pictures of this wooded scenery of shadow, light, snow and ice.  I am drawn to the great variety of crystal ice forms nature offers and wish there was a bit better light....
Ice Crystal & Water
After about an hour we come to the upper waterfalls and it is encrusted with ice but the water keeps flowing making quite a din.  I pause momentarily and have my picture taken.

Stephen Mullock Waterfall
Then we hike out, once again, admiring the forest and rugged beauty of the place we call home.