Thursday, April 18, 2013

Castle Cranrowan, Agassiz, BC

Unique Properties: Castle Cranrowan by Stephen Mullock
Once upon a time, a man and woman called Malcolm and Libby Wright decided to build their own "Camelot" on a difficult piece of ground situated between a rock face, a highway and a river.   When it was done there stood a remarkable structure; a single tower three storey in height with a castle-like parapet and the top and an elevator at the back. Today it can be glimpsed through the trees at the eastern base of Mount Woodside in Agassiz, District of Kent, BC.

 A one of a kind home, indeed, as unique and wondrous to the bewildered local inhabitants as Malcolm and Libby themselves. They called it "Cranrowan".

I remember Malcolm as the area activist who with a sharp wit took to writing in the local paper with the true spirit of a curmudgeon.  At some point along the way he had served as the clerk for the Village of Harrison Hot Springs BC but came with roots extending deeply into municipal development and social activism in Vancouver. The result was he had no difficulty in taking on the local government when he felt, which was often, that some sort of boneheaded decision needed sorting out.  I would not say all his ideas were sterling but he was a force and when building a new library to service the communities of Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs needed a push Malcolm was front and centre.

An excellent write up about Malcolm that appeared in the Agassiz Harrison Observer can be found at zoominfo. There is one section that I really like, to quote, "He had a prodigious memory for songs and poems and could quote from Shakespeare, statesmen, the Bible, Latin and Greek scholars when such a bon mot would help illustrate a point or provide guidance on a decision.  His command of accents and dialect was always a delightful addition to any conversation. Stern warnings were delivered in a strong Scottish brogue and the musical lilt of a Welsh or Irish accent could appear in the same conversation as a plummy English accent."

I would have liked to known the departed Malcolm and Libby better, who along with this unique structure added a sense of romance and magic to the local community.  They are still sadly missed.

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  1. This is such a unique and beautiful structure located in a storybook setting. I wish it were for sale.