Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Vedder River Rotary Trail, Chilliwack BC

Queen Anne's Lace © Stephen Mullock

A walk down the Vedder River Rotary Trail is a wonderful way to spend some living in Chilliwack. Located just south of the impressive Garrison Crossing residential development and University of the Fraser Valley campus this trail has been gaining popularity since it was opened with walkers, runners, bicyclists and equestrian enthusiasts.  The Vedder River is also one of the top fishing spots in the province.

Vedder Bridge ©

Some 15.5 km in length (30 km return) the trail follows the north dyke of the Vedder Canal and was built in partnership with Rotary, Canadian Forces base Chilliwack and the City of Chilliwack.   A number of smaller pathways flank the trail; of special interest is the Great Blue Heron Reserve.

Seasons on Vedder River ©

This walk is peaceful in a mindful way, the river and seasons change as do we on our own personal journeys.  A few moments along the trail are a wonderful way to recharge and regroup.

© Stephen Mullock


    • Volkert Vedder was an early 1870s settler that owned lands in the immediate vicinity
    • Go figure!  The river east of the Vedder Bridge is called the Chilliwack River to the west it is named the Vedder River.  Here's why  At one time the Chilliwack River flowed north through Sardis and Chilliwack to the Fraser River, close to where the bridge is today, but a log jam changed it course and its waters began to spill into the minor stream called Vedder Creek.
    • The Vedder canal was built in 1925 to help with the draining of Sumas Lake.

Parking can be found in a number of locations, next to the Vedder Bridge just off Vedder Road, Peach Road just off Keith Wilson Road, Lickman Road, and Sumas Prairie Road.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Harrison Hot Springs - Cooling Off

A Quilt work Blue
A criss cross of blues in the fading light of a perfect July evening highlight Harrison Lake shoreline features.  Living in the eastern Fraser Valley whether it is a community like Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz or Chilliwack comes with the added benefit of being able to escape summer's heat with an evening swim in either Cultus or Harrison Lakes.  A great way to cool off and so close.

Here are some other recent Harrison Lake pictures.

There are a number of apartments for in these buildings they offer views and ready access to the beach and lagoon.

Some else finds this community to be a photographer's playground.

Echo Island sits quietly below a wind swept sky.