Monday, November 4, 2013

Wayward Pines TV Event Series - The Agassiz Exterior Set

The sleepy little town of Agassiz, BC has been transformed into the Idaho community of Wayward Pines for the filming of a TV special series of the same name. Last Friday and Saturday the stars and crew were back in town filming, unfortunately, during one of the worst rain and wind storms we have had.  I felt sorry for the crew and the actors both - at times the art of make believe must be a very hard job.

I picked todays sunny and bright weather to have another look around at Agassiz's Wayward Pines do-over.

Pioneer Park, usually an open green space with towering trees, across from Agassiz's commercial core is home to "Wayward Pines" a Fox event TV series about a secret service agent (Matt Dillon) that comes to town to investigate the disappearance of two federal agents.  So the story begins and through 10 episodes the peels of the town begin to come off revealing a creepy intent beneath the skin of the small town smiles.

Welcome to Wayward Pines

All the buildings on the left in the above picture are part of an amazing set design transforming and in many ways improving the town of Agassiz.

Matt Dillon, M. Night Shyamalan, unknown and Carla Gugino
The picture above was taken on their first filming visit to the exterior set in August of this year. Director M. Night Shyamalan second from the left is famous for some truly great films such as "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs".

Now to some observations about Wayward Pines, I've been noticing some strange signs in the Wayward Pines set.  The first was all sunny and bright.

Today I saw a different sort of notice with a more malicious tone to it.

Every small town needs a few good Realtors® I am hoping that they turn out to be some of the good guys in the Wayward Pines series.

Imagine living here....
 Stephen Mullock RI
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