Monday, May 26, 2014

The 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town

Our trip to the Three Valley Lake Chateau and the 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town was somewhat surreal and above all interesting.  Located about 5 hours northeast of Chilliwack in the Rockies 19 km west of Revelstoke the Ghost Town offers 25 historic buildings that extend back into time to the gold rush days of the 1860s.

St. Stephen's Church

It was like time had stood still, albeit all at different times....

I was particularly interested in the resourcefulness of these pioneer builders; given scant materials, some interesting structures such as the bottle and the oak barrel houses shown below became "home" for a time.

There were a number of log houses as well, check out the corner work in the following picture. That is all skill and done without power tools.

Aside from a real saloon and the other fine historic buildings, all fully furnished, there is a Railway Roundhouse, an Antique Auto Museum, Monashee Mining Display and a Wagon & Buggy Shop. An old style candy shop is ready for the kids.

The Roundhouse Interior is amazing!

A bit of a drive from Chilliwack but if you are travelling to Calgary this is a pleasant half way stop to make.

All pictures © Stephen Mullock.