Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Windsurfing - Harrison Lake Style

Summer fun takes many forms on the beautiful Cultus and Harrison Lakes. I took my camera to Harrison Lake recently to get some pictures of my new beach front condo listing but was quickly distracted and awed somewhat by the speed and aerobatics of the windsurfers out on the lake. What a show they put on - easy to view from the beach or from a private condo sundeck.

Heron's Cove and Harrison Lake
3 Bedrooms, Beach Front - $385,000

I just had to investigate...

I found the launch area just north of the breakwater along Rockwell Drive and pulled in.  I could see 3 windsurfers already out on the lake and quite a distance from shore.  One went airborne as I watched. The wind was strong and steady coming from the south.  A rather tattered Canadian flag was flying straight out with very little flapping. 

Harrison Lake is famous for these inversion winds and as a result is a preferred spot for windsurfing.

The more I looked the more I wondered what it was like.  The edge of your board cutting through the water the winds pulling you along.  The tension of the lines, the acceleration as the winds pick up force. That moment where you rise from the water and for a few seconds, a pause, maybe it feels like an eternity, you are a creature of the wind. 

I asked one of the windsurfers, if it was difficult? He said that injuries such as broken bones and cuts are common.  You have to get proper instruction.  You need to be careful. There is no forgiveness with the wind and the water.  Fortunately, "Bruce" a windsurfing trainer was on the shore standing ready to assist with a launch. What a great guy to talk to. Bruce's knowledge and enthusiasm about the sport are very apparent.  I asked him if older people windsurfed and he said yes as he was in his late fifties. Seems the costs are in the vicinity of $2,000 and that a 12' sail is first recommended. There was a lot more, but just remember this - talking to the right people to get the correct information is key.  

I took the following pictures of Bruce helping with a launch and a little later I assisted Bruce with his sail.

There are 5 strings on these sails and it is quite a job to keep them untangled.

Once the sail is aloft the windsurfer lies on his back and checks all equipment before setting out... then he's up!  One with the water and the wind.

Fun Windsurfing Links:

There are great number of recreational properties currently for sale in Harrison Hot Springs - if you would like some information send me an email or give me a call.

Harrison Hot Springs with Mount Cheam


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