Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eaton Lake, B.C. Hike

This Sunday, I hiked up to Eaton lake with 4 of my hiking buddies and once again was struck by the beauty of this lake and our province of British Columbia.  I think it very fortunate that this is a day trip for the people of the Fraser Valley. One of the many advantages of living here.

The blues& greens of Eaton Lake © Stephen Mullock

Easy to reach simply leave Highway 1 at exit #168 and take Silver Skagit Road 16+ km to the Eaton Creek Recreation Site sign on the left side of the road. Turn here to park, the trail head is about 300m away.

This hike has quite a steep grade - you climb 915 m over a 6km distance so this is a hike not suited to everyone.  To put it in some sort of perspective the Empire State Building in New York is 443m in height - so twice that height. 

You will also want to watch out for wet days there are a couple of "log" bridges that can be fairly slick after a rain.  

There are a number of beautiful waterfalls on Eaton Creek, one about a third of the way up which is worth a look. Even in September, the water was thundering down Eaton Creek. Take a few minutes to enjoy the view and catch your breath.

Eaton Creek and Devil Club ©

The environment changes quite a bit with elevation.  Douglas Fir and Cedars everywhere of course, but, it starts with a forest surrounded by moss beds, then woods with ferns and finally berried plants and trees.  There are of course all sorts of exotic mushrooms and fungus to admire as well.

Strange Forest Growth ©

The trail switches back and forth and picking your footsteps is essential as the trail has a lot of tree roots crossing it.  About half way up you cross a bridge and there is a little bench beside a mountain stream.  Take another break and snap a picture or two.

The trail is steep for a while after this until you get into a pond and boulder section and a pond.  There is another log jam to cross and some balance is needed but it is easy enough.

Crossing the log jam ©

After this point, the hiking is easy and the lake is not far away. We were lucky in that both blueberries and huckleberries were ripe and plentiful. Yum.

Wild Blueberries soon to be picked ©

The lake provides some primitive campsites and we could see trout swimming in it. There are generally not many people around - no one in fact while we were there.  On a good day, the whiskey jacks will eat from your hand - so bring a few nuts for them.  We were out of luck this time but last year I feed some.

Feeling alright © Stephen Mullock

A beautiful day at Eaton Lake.

Imagine living here....

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