Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Real Estate Foundation Land Awards Gala 2014 - Meeting Peter Mansbridge

On Friday night, I had a chance once again to wear my used rental tuxedo and attend the prestigious Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia Land Awards gala. While there I  met and briefly chatted with CBC "The National" anchorman Peter Mansbridge.  Turns out he is a super cool guy to talk to. Wouldn't you know it.

Real Estate Foundation BC Land Awards 2014 © REFBC

I'll admit I was looking for a local angle to our eastern Fraser Valley communities and I had always wondered if Peter Mansbridge had ever lived on our Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack; now called Garrison Crossing. Sadly no, although he did say that he was in the Canadian Forces for a time in the late 60s and had been posted to Esquimalt B.C.  There he became well acquainted with every hill in the town as they had to run up them as part of their training.

Later, Peter Mansbridge spoke to a sold out audience about, what it is to be Canadian, from his personal perspective and experiences from around the world.  It was so quiet as he spoke and he touched the hearts of all present.

The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia has since its creation by the Provincial Government in 1985 awarded over 68 million dollars in grants to communities throughout BC.

This was the 5th gala awards event which recognizes Best British Columbia land use practises both on public and private levels as well as leadership in the form of Land Awards and a very a prestigious Land Champion award.

It was amazing to see some of the exciting initiatives in this province and celebrate with the nominees and winners.  Fortunately, short videos have been made showing the creativity and pluck of these groups, available at this link on Land Award Videos. Enjoy.

If you are wondering about my connection. How does a small town Chilliwack/Agassiz real estate agent wind up in a used rental tux at such an event?  How does he did get a chance to talk to Peter Mansbridge?  I could tell you luck, and in part it is, I fortunate enough to serve as the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia representative to the as a Foundation Governor for a 6 year period.  I am thankful that REFBC still remembers its former Governors invites us to take part in its continuing good works.