Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is Air Conditioning Necessary in BC? Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs

Do you need to have air conditioning in the Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs area?

This post will look at the average temperature that you can expect in this the eastern part of the Fraser Valley so that you can make an informed decision about an air conditioning purchase. Comfort, is obviously an individual's decision and yours to make. Budget is equally a concern.

In this article I have made a number of assertions based on my own personal experience, having coped with the local summer heat here nearly all my life, they are: (1) temperatures under 30°C are bearable and easily offset with either fans, a swim in one of our lakes or a movie night out, (2) humidity, while sometimes present does not hit with the same severity as found in this eastern part of North America, thank goodness, and (3) the number of days with temperature above 30°C and the length of heat events should be the guiding factors.

A bit of background, the July 29th 2009 temperature of 38.2°C is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Chilliwack, BC at least since records were started in 1881! Previous peak temperatures experienced were 37.8 C, July 27th 1958 and 38.0 C July 11th 2007. 

On average August is the warmest month of the year in the 2010 -2016 period at 25.6° with July almost as warm at 25.11° C.  Pretty nice, but, consider this as a big change, the average temperature in the years between 1981 to 2010 for July was 18.8° C and August 18.7° C. I am not a meteorologist but that seems like a pretty steep increase in average temperature in July and August for the area.

The number of days with temperatures above 30° C also seem to be increasing, in the June to August time period, as well, with 2015 being a standout providing almost a month (26 days) of above 30° C temperatures.

June to August - days with average temperatures over 30°C
2010 - 6 days
2011 - 0 days
2012 - 3 days
2013 - 4 days
2014 - 13 days
2015 - 26 days
2016 - 10 days (to date August 25, 2016)

In conclusion, I am drawn to two items: (1) that the average temperatures overall in July and August have increased in a substantive way and (2) this area is experiencing more days with temperatures above 30° C. If air conditioning is a viable option I believe it to be a wise comfort choice to consider.  I do not have enough evidence to say whether an air conditioned residence for sale on the residential real estate market would get its' full installed price back, less, or more but believe I do that return would vary dependent on the time of year and that such a home will sell faster.

As a real estate agent the best time for me to sell a house with central air conditioning is in May, June, July and August when the benefits are most apparent - all you need to do is step in doors  away from the heat. 

Imagine living here... 

Thanks to Weather Observers Roger Pannett my brother John Mullock and the Government of Canada (link) for this information.